my journey to pregnancy

When we started trying to get pregnant, after years of marriage, I thought that it would be easy. I mean, for so long we had been actively trying to NOT get pregnant, that… Continue reading

my privilege

It’s been some time now that I have had feelings and emotional responses (that are hard to put into words) pushing and seeking a way to make their way out, I feel like… Continue reading

dear men of the world

Hello from Tanzania. 1) As I was sitting in a small cubicle at the office where we are working from, the conversation from a few people sitting at a table next to me… Continue reading

christmas for the non christian

Growing up, christmas was usually just another day in the calendar… granted, one that I usually dreaded because I would be the only person in my group of friends who would not have… Continue reading

this journey is over

exactly 6 months have passed since I came to Nicaragua. exactly 6 months have passed and here are a few things that I want to remember, as I wait for my delayed flight… Continue reading

Religion in Nicaragua

For the past 5 months or so, I have been wanting to write something about religion in Nicaragua.  The on-your-face displays of religion (christianity) have baffled me.  From the sermons that the cab… Continue reading

the real “expats” of nicaragua

This is what my friends and I call the different facebook groups that expats have created in Nicaragua, because there is always something brewing in these groups… the people who think they know… Continue reading

9 years

happy 9-year anniversary to us.  Hard to believe that we have been married for this long, most of the time I still feel like a little girl trying to figure out what to… Continue reading

León: Colors and Walls

Another country, another post on walls and doors – remember my walls in Liberia and my walls in Morocco

Travel, Marriage and Writing a Dissertation

My life in instagram and facebook, just as it is the case with the vast majority of social media users, is glamorous: a picture of beautiful coffee farms, a gorgeous sunset at the… Continue reading

Popoyo Beach, Nicaragua

Spent the weekend in Popoyo Beach… infinite white sand beach with no one around… except surfers.

A woman in Managua

When we travel we often redefine ourselves. Being in a new environment with our comfort zone suddenly taken from us we need to decide how we fit in the new surrounding. Managua has… Continue reading

Cañón de Somoto

This weekend I went with a friend to Cañón de Somoto, a canyon that was formed over 5 million years ago but was not discovered until 2004! (well, the local people that lived… Continue reading

Nicaragua – the beginning of the end of the beginning

The beginning of the end of the beginning of the… – Or something like that. It doesn’t matter how many papers you have read, how many formulas you have memorized, when you actually… Continue reading

My friend inspires me

For the past few years I have virtually accompanied a friend through her journey of discovery and growth… She has inspired me and challenged me.  I have grown thanks to her and her family. … Continue reading

Weekend Getaway – Ilha da Inhaca

After many failed attempts to leave the city and get out, we finally did it! we took a 3 hour ferry ride to Ilha da Inhaca – it was HEAVEN! no internet, no phones,… Continue reading

A world of contradictions

We sit in the nicest hotel of Maputo drinking coffee and see a small group of children jumping and running around the pristine swimming pool, and compare their reality to that of the… Continue reading

On time issues

    Mozambique is becoming more and more an opportunity for growth and learning. Growing has never been easy, it means change, it means breaking from a mold… a mold that is nice… Continue reading

On the challenges of work

Things in Moz have been hard.  And sometimes I just want to go home.    

hello week one

One week has gone by since arriving in Mozambique. The good, I am here with Jason and I am in a new fun country… The bad… well, that’s for another blog post.