and this is how you bargain in morocco

background –>  the medina in Marrakech – a hub for mainstream european tourism.

The setting –> I walk slowly towards one of the many shops that sell tablecloths, hangings, scarves, etc.

asb (me): how much is this?
shop keeper: 350Dirhams (40usd)
asb: ok, thanks [walks away]
sk: wait! how much you want for
asb: I cannot pay more than 100dhs [11usd]
sk: [in explosive anger] what?!?!?! too much, cannot sell for that, I sell for you for 290dhs
asb: sorry, I can’t, I am too poor, I can only pay you 100dhs for it
sk: what is your latest price?
asb: 100dhs
sk: I sell to you for 230dhs! very good price!
asb: you don’t understand, I really cannot pay that much money for it, I don’t have it!
sk: ok, you are poor I am poor what is your latest price that is more than 100dhs
asb: how about 110dhs?
sk: oh, you like berber women! [ berber is a moroccan tribe, people from this tribe are known for being very careful with their money]
asb: haha, so what do you say, 110dhs?
sk: you very nice, I give you a hug
asb: ok, so it’s a deal? [hugs shopkeeper]
sk: ok, now a kiss
asb: my husband will get jealous, and a kiss would mean that I buy it for 90dhs!
sk: hahaha you funny, ok, 110dhs just for you.