I have been thinking of:

– I really dislike food that is heavily salted – it is a cheap way to disguise lack of flavor and incredibly unhealthy.

– I do not like to eat fish that has been cooked whole… Some people love it, I do not like my food to stare back at me

– I just finished having dinner, it is 11pm

– Very sad about the gypsies that are being kicked out of Spain and France – why doesn’t anyone do something about it?

– I absolutely adore spending time at the beach reading a book and going in for a swim whenever it gets too hot

– Talking about beaches… Jason forced me to do couples body surfing… :)

– Freaking out about my comprehensive exams in a month…  FREAKING OUT!

– love the healthy food option at the mall in Tavira, Portugal… gourmet food for the price of fast food… something to be emulated by many malls in the US, I think

– Did I mention the amount of fresh seafood, veggies, cheeses, and fruits that are available here?

– It seems like I have been thinking a lot about food lately :)