couch to 5k

I am training to run a 5k.
I have gone jogging a couple of times since I have been back, but yesterday was the first day of official training.  I printed a training guide (couch to 5k) and went to the gym…

For the past year I have been jogging for about 30 minutes at a time at a pretty slow pace (4mph) so in half an hour I would jog approximately 2 miles… my goal is to complete the 3.1 miles in about 30 minutes, so that means that I have to up my speed to 6mph….

Yesterday I tried going at the speed for the first time in intervals (this is the suggested training) and I was BEAT! the intervals were of 1.5minutes between jogging and brisk walking for 20 minutes… I decided to keep going for 30 minutes and by the end of it I was pretty dead….

I will keep progress updates here as a motivation source :)