a book review :)

It has been a while since I read a book that fulfilled so many things that books need to fulfill when read.  I have read books that are entertaining, and yet empty, I have read fantasy and sci-fi that are interesting and make you think of weird-impossible-exciting things, cheap mystery novels and way too many statistics textbooks… Speaking of statistics, I recently chose a book at random from a shelf in the library and picked “if you follow me” by Melena Watrous, I am not very good with words, so I don’t really know how to explain why I liked this book so much, but I think that one of the reasons why I like it was that it made me laugh, think, cry, wonder, and it left me with the desire to get something more out of life, to experience more, to travel more… in other words, it accomplished everything that a book should accomplish.  It was entertaining, yet thought-provoking.  It took me to a different world, but it was a world that I could live in, that I could relate to.  It spoke of love, culture, death, family, relationships, friendship, childhood, adulthood, laughter, success, failure, tests…

And now I want to go to Japan.