The Fast – Day 2

Some people love the Fast… weeks before the beginning I read facebook updates (I know, addict) about how excited they are about it.

I dread the Fast, the Fast is my least favorite time of the year because it is so very hard.  I cannot work, focus or study… my days drag with a sense of helplessness at my lack of productivity and at night I am too exhausted… so I fall into a sleep that has a little clock ticking, only 8 more hours until sunrise, then it all begins again…

It is a hard feeling to have, am I not spiritual enough? am I not a good person that cannot do this? why was I born during the Fast? why can’t I go out for brunch or lunch on my birthday? why can’t I let myself experience this Fast the way it should be? the way it was intended to be experienced?

I guess, most of the time, the prevailing feeling is one of guilt.