my yellow table

Yesterday I decided to make my ugly table pretty… and by table I mean desk.
I got this desk from school, it was outside the statistic building with a sign saying “FREE”… and if you know me you know that I love a good deal, and it doesn’t get any better than getting something for free… So I took it.
It has black legs and an orange table top… the paint was chipped and it looked like the table needed some love… which at that point I did not have… all I had was a large enough table cloth to cover it.
But I am graduated now, job hunting, alone at home (Jason is in NM visiting his dad) and with time in my hands… So I went to Home Depot and I bought some exciting stuff…
Yesterday I scraped all the paint off the table (hardest part of the entire project) and painted my table a happy sunshine bright yellow… since it was too monotonic I decided to add some color, and all I had were acrylics, so I painted the edge with a french blue (which became a dark blue after it was applied :( ) and I added some red hearts on the side (not seen in this photo) as well as some red accents…. and voila! now I have a happy table that I will not hide under a tablecloth!!!