Dear Michigan

Dear Michigan,

I should have introduced myself earlier, after all, I have been living here for almost 1 month.  And yet, I haven’t. I am still taking everything in.  I am graduated and I have a master’s degree under my belt.  Jason is starting his doctorate.  I was job hunting.  Moving cross country.  Apartment hunting.  Getting settled.  Getting to know you.

As the dust begins to settle, I feel it is appropriate for me to formally introduce myself, and tell you a couple of things.

Yes, everyone thinks that I am crazy for being here, after all, it gets friggin’ cold in the winter! but it is spring, and the sun is shinning, and everytime I look out of my window I see squirrels climbing trees, hedgehogs digging holes, ducks swimming, fish jumping and turtles chillin’.

Dear Michigan, I have to tell you that I absolutely adore the river trail bike path… everytime I ride to work, or to town, I feel refreshed by the beauty that surrounds me, but Michigan, I really really really need you to know that it is NOT OKAY to not have bike lanes on the roads.  Any cyclist will tell you that bikes are not mean for sidewalks.  And yet, I am forced to ride mine on sidewalks.  Sidewalks covered with glass.  Sidewalks with huge cracks.
Please know that it is for your own best interest to create these lanes, didn’t you know that encouraging a culture of biking will inevitably result in healthier lifestyles?
Since you do not foster a biking culture, drivers become more reckless and less careful, resulting in more accidents.

I look forward to getting to know you more, Michigan, I am sure we will be great friends! I will be here for at least another 5 years, after all.

With my most sincere regards,

aniseh sjona bro