so jason and I have been on this new health-food kick.
Mainly, we do not eat any refined grains, so no white bread, pasta, rice.  We do no longer eat butter, meat (that’s been a year now), or OUT.

This new diet creates a number of cooking experimental opportunities… some good, some not so good :)

Some of the new things are:

– homemade buckwheat pasta (I made the flour!)
– whole wheat choco chip cookies without butter or oil
– quinoa cookies
– barley flour/almond/jam cookies
– quinoa salads
– whole wheat, home made pizza

we are also doing a number of other things, like steaming veggies instead of boiling them, preparing brown rice or quinoa, and beans and legumes, and storing them for later use…

Another big thing is that we have stopped eating out, unless we are out of town… or we have a sudden craving for ethiopian food :)