what?! no more wheat?!

I love bread.
I love bread with homemade jam.
I love bread with tomatoes and quesillo (chile’s fresh farm cheese)
I love bread with avocado (and a splash of salt and lemon).
I love bread.

And I make some changes in my diet, and switch to only whole wheat bread, because it has more fiber, and it healthier.

And then I read this:

which describes how horrible modern day wheat is for your health…. So I have to adapt again, and find a recipe for gluten free bread, and I am scared…

because I love bread.

And I just finished baking my first loaf of gluten free bread (with garbanzo flour, fava bean flour, sorghum flour, oat flour, and brown rice flour)
and it is pretty fantastic :)

It tastes like “pan amasado de campo” the bread that you can only find in the Chilean country side, home made, baked in clay ovens, with ashes still sticking to their outsides, and when you put some butter (that melts right away) and some home made raspberry jam, it feels like God’s gift to creation, like a party in your mouth, like you could die right then and be happy.

And that’s what my bread tastes like.