Home Made Yogurt

Jason and I eat a 32oz container of plain yogurt a week… we LOVE yogurt… as a dip, as a side with rice or stew, as an addition to soup.. YUM.  I had always wanted to make my own yogurt, my mom made it all the time as I grew up… I remember the corner in the house where I would see a pile of blankets and towels and the strict instructions of not touching it, not getting close to it, not looking at it, not thinking of it…

So I decided to make my own yogurt.  You may, or most probably not, know that I never follow a recipe… I look at one, and take the instructions as a suggestion, and then end up doing my own thing..

It was no different with the yogurt.. I found a recipe online, and it looked good and then I did my own thing….

which follows now…

what I need
1/2 gallon 2% organic milk
1/2 cup plain yogurt with active cultures (I used STONYFIELD)

what I did
heat up milk in pot to the point right before boil – make sure to stir constantly to avoid burnt milk at the bottom of pot

Let milk sit for a few minutes, take some of your hot/warm milk and mix it with your 1/2 cup yogurt  until it is all blended together nicely – then put yogurt mixture back in the pot with milk.

wrap your pot with towel or blankets and put it in a dark warm place (I chose my oven)

let it sit for at least 7 hours… I checked mine at the 7 hour mark and it was still very liquidy, but it tasted like yogurt, at this point I thought I had failed and went to sleep, the next morning I woke up… AND MY FAILURE HAD BECOME A SUCCESS OVERNIGHT! and it tasted fantastic

next thing I will do is buy a cheese cloth to run the yogurt through it and make it a little bit denser (more like a greek yogurt)… but as you can see, for the price of the milk ($3.50) I made two 32oz containers of yogurt… which would have regularly cost about $3.50 each… so two for one, and we all win and have some fantastic home made deliciousness.. which always tastes so much better than the store options!