I gave a hint a few posts back… but now it’s official! Jason and I are buying our very first home! We have a closing date (29 February) all the documents will be signed, keys will be delivered and we will have a bit over a month to work on it and get it ready for our move in – our lease at our current place ends in mid april, so we will be moving in before that and it gives us enough time to really work on the house without rushing too much!

I am absolutely in love with this place… It is an old house, so you get that sense of history, and yet it has a lot of remodeling, it is also filled with windows and light, has a huge back yard, has an open floor plan and many many many wood floors.  I cannot wait to have friends over for dinner parties, game nights and gatherings, to buy a grill and have cook outs in our backyard in the summer, to paint the walls with fun colors (FINALLY FIRST TIME I CAN DO THIS!!), and make a home out of it! Our very first home!

I have spoken some about identity and roots, right? Well, this house will be the first place where I will live in for more than a year! I have not lived for more than 12 months in a single house in the past 12 years… i.e. In 12 years I have lived in more than 12 houses… that’s pretty crazy… right?

aaannyyywaaay… I will post photos soon!!! YAY!!! can we all just have a little celebratory dance!!!