the story of a table

We have been homeowners for about 3 weeks now but we have not moved yet (fingers crossed that we will this weekend!).

All of my shopping, cleaning, moving, and organizing for the move has been blanketed with a feeling of gratitude and awe and giddy excitement.  But above all gratitude.

Growing up, my family struggled a lot financially.  I attended the best school in my city, which was a private school filled in its majority with the children of the wealthiest people in the city.  We were lucky to have attended such a good school.  My parents sacrificed a lot to pay the tuition for my siblings and I.  Today, my parents are doing quite well, thankfully.  And yet,once again, they have made a sacrifice and given Jason and I the opportunity to buy our own house.

We bought some furniture for our new house and I am the most excited about our dining room set.  Everytime I think of it, I think of my parents’ dining room, and how its big table has always been serving whoever comes through the doors of their house.  This table has served both huge persian meals that my mom spends days preparing for, and also a simple cup of tea with some fruit.

That table has been surrounded to its fullest capacity by friends and strangers alike bursting with laughter and conversation, it has  seated 2 people quietly whispering and confiding to one another, it has seen many a computer work, and cakes being built and fruit being prepared and meals come together.  That table is the heart of that house (if I don’t get into another story surrounding our wood stove!)

My point is, however, that whether in poverty or in wealth, both of my parents have shown me and taught me about the importance of being generous, not only with our physical possessions, but most importantly generous in spirit.  To embrace friends and strangers  with welcoming arms.

And nothing can be a better reminder of this generosity than their dining room table and all of the life that has taken place around it.  And as I prepare to move to our new house and have my very own family size dining room table, I only hope that it will bring as much joy and as much love as my parents’ dining room table does every day.

Gracias mi mami y papi!

(image of our new dining room set!)