Today is my 6th year wedding anniversary.  Jason and I have been married for 6 years.  I never knew marriage could be this amazing, this easy and this rewarding.  Amazing, because every day I wake up next to the man I love, who makes me laugh when no one else can, who sacrifices so much of himself to make me happy, who is always there when I need a hug, someone to talk to, or someone to guide me.  Easy, because even though there are struggles along the way, the love that we have for each other pulls us through the hardest of times and I cannot imagine anyone else with whom I could go through the tests of life.  And rewarding, because the person that I am today is 100 times better than the person that I was 6 years ago, and the credit goes 100% to my husband, who is able to challenge me when I am complacent, who has taught me about indiscriminate acceptance and love to others, who is the most hard working, most generous, most honest and most loving man on the face of this earth.

And this 21 May 2012, my husband is working in Zambia, doing his part in bettering the world that he lives in… so, to keep him up to date with life here, I am putting some photos from some of the changes in our garden.

I love you baby donk.

These are the plants I started from seed… there are tomatoes, basil, mint, parsley, kale and spinach.



I bought 3 tomato plants from the store, and they are doing FANTASTIC… already twice the size than 3 weeks ago… and some of the tomatillos are already starting to come out.20120521-140028.jpg

more fun plants from seed20120521-140038.jpg

my little garden… soon I will reap its benefits20120521-140049.jpg



rose bush is flowering… and the smell IS DIVINE!20120521-140136.jpg

red roses by the house…20120521-140157.jpg


the grapes have some sort of infestation, and some bug is eating the leaves… :(20120521-140221.jpg