1 week 1 week 1 week!!!!!!

my husband comes home in ONE WEEK!!!!!! I cannot believe 7 weeks have gone by… Both Jason and I are getting into the field of international development (him through his PhD in Ag Econ and I am through my PhD in Sustainable Development) and both of our professors have expressed their expectation that we will spend a lot of time doing research abroad, and this is our first taste for it apart.. and it doesn’t taste very good…. :|

But he is coming home in 1 WEEK!

Also.. HAPPY 4th!!! I am having a bunch of friends over for grilling and fireworks… I have a watermelon, lemonade and water balloons – outside the grass is green, the heat is overbearing and at sunset my tea lights go on at the same time as the fireflies start to pop all over… it is summer.