the reunion

Some friendships are meant to last an eternity.  I am lucky that I have formed friendships that have survived time and distance.  When I moved to Israel in 2002 I did not know that in my 2 years there I would make some of the most enduring and amazing friendships that I have ever known.

And so it is, that the 4 of us are meeting again, our 4th reunion since we left Israel… Monday we meet again, and I cannot be any happier.  Maryam will fly from Luxembourg, Negin will fly from San Francisco, I will fly from Michigan, and Neda will open her home to receive us all in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our first reunion after living in Israel, was in 2005, the next one was in 2006, then we met in 2009, and this year we meet again and my heart is about to burst of excitement.