another interesting article

This article shows some of the horrible ads that were promoted in the past with clearly wrong information to mislead the consumer.  There are many present day ads that are also filled with misleading information, the most prominent in my view are:
1) ads for fast food showing very energetic, healthy and in shape people enjoying a big mac, whooper, slice of pizza, etc… Why don’t you show an obese child being fed by an obese parent? Why don’t they show that for the most part fast food ends up being the choice of food for a lower social and economic strata of our society?
2) ads for alcohol, especially beer, showing a bunch of kids partying and having a fantastic time falling in love with one another… Why don’t they show underaged kids throwing up on the side of the road after making out with some other kid they barely know? Why don’t they show a statistic with the number of DWI that result in some kind of accident?

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but that’s not the point….

aaaaaaaannyyywaaaayyyyy after that little rant – check out THIS ARTICLE… OH! and don’t forget to read the comments… they are interesting and in some cases quite insightful! below is a sneak peak: