Liberia – Week 2

My second week in Liberia came to a close with the Liberia-Senegal World Cup qualifier game, sadly, Liberia lost 0-2 and will not be participating in the World Cup.  The game was so much fun to see, it was definitely much more than just watching a game, it was being surrounded by crowds of people fighting, laughing, playing drums, arguing, etc… Sensory overload.  If up until now we had been stared at and pointed at for being white, now we also got the masses of people calling at us and congratulating us for wearing the Liberian jersey.

My work continues to progress, perhaps not as smoothly as I would like, but progress nevertheless.  I wish I had brought with me a couple of textbooks from home, so that I would have reliable references beyond the internet.

Thankfully, the food situation is improving, I have found a couple of lebanese restaurants that I like a lot and I go there for lunch, while breakfast and dinner are prepared and eaten at home… my stomach is much happier :)  – Since we are asked to use drivers to go to places, and walking alone is heavily discouraged, I have started doing exercises at home every morning and evening, not too much but enough to get my blood flowing and my heart beating faster… I also learned that there is a yoga class in Monrovia that I will start attending… from what I hear, it is a naturally hot yoga class, given the extremely high temperatures… fun?

IMG_0559 IMG_0597 IMG_0736this one is at the stadium with my Liberian family