Liberia – self portraits

On sunday we went to a village about 1.5 hours outside of Monrovia, the purpose was to go see an island that apparently is filled with chimps… for a number of reasons (mostly miscommunication, money, etc) we were unable to take the boat to the island, but while everyone was trying to figure out our plans I brought out my iPhone and set the camera in mirror mode to show children how to take photos… the result was a massive number of children making faces at the camera and taking pictures of themselves… they loved being able to interact with the camera, pose in f and decide which pictures to take… here are just a few of these photos, which I converted to black and white. (oh yeah, happy 3 week in Liberia to me!)

IMG_1026 IMG_1028 IMG_1039 IMG_1049 IMG_1051 IMG_1052 IMG_1071 IMG_1089 IMG_1093 IMG_1100 IMG_1104h,