Liberia – Week 5

One of the interesting things about Liberia is that, as a foreigner, you can live your life as if you had never left your home… yes, the surroundings are different, but the supermarkets, the houses and the amenities all cater for a very specific group of people: ex-pats.  My friend had an interesting word for what expats experience here, he said that we all live in “gilded cages”… which I also call “guilty cages”.  We are protected, from our beautiful cages with a drink in one hand our feet dangling in the icy blue swimming pool we look out at the misery and poverty… never being a part of it.  Well, that is about to change for me as I head out into the field to work with livestock farmers.  Week 6 begins with my 2 week journey into the wild… I have left my gilded cage… wish me luck.

Brunch at the beach – only expats go there.


My team of enumerators (and drivers) ready to head out into the field!IMG_3207