On my Couch to 5K experience

My husband is a runner… he started running about 5 years ago and got into really good shape… he tried to get me into running too, but I promise that I could not even run for 2 minutes.  After I moved to Oregon, I jogged for the first time past 10 minutes, but didn’t do it for more than a month… it just was not my thing!!!! seriously! I was into yoga and team sports and biking… but running? no way!

3 months ago, I returned from Liberia and decided that I would do it! I was going to run! so i started going out a few times a week and jog for 10 minutes and then walk.. and it felt good… I felt good about it… But I knew that I needed to have some kind of structure in order to push myself to be consistent and you know what!? I really really really wanted to have a number pinned to my shirt and run a race… so I downloaded the c25k app to to my iphone, a program designed to prepare you to run 5k by the end of 2 months.

The first couple of weeks were very easy, run for a minute, walk to 1 minute, run walk run walk… and I did not feel challenged… but I did not push myself and continued with the designed program.  Every week I went out 3 times, I bought myself cute shirts and shorts, with neon colors and fun shapes… and even though I didn’t run like a runner, I felt like one!

Half way through the program, it started getting more challenging, I was hitting the threshold point that in the past had stopped me… but I had Jason to encourage me, and I was committed to get a checkmark next to each workout session in the app.. so I kept at it… I was not able to achieve one of the week 4 runs, so I ran 4 times that week to make up for the day that I could not finish the run.

Weeks 6, 7, and 8 were hard. But I ran and achieved my goals, every time.  And after doing my first 25 minute run in week 6, I was elated! I RAN FOR 25 MINUTES WITHOUT STOP!!!!! go meee!!!!

The last day of the program called for a 30 minute run (or 3 miles), but after the first 5 minutes, my calves were hard as rocks and burning… I could not finish it!  But not to worry… 2 days later I ran for 40 minutes = 3.1 miles (5k).  I did it! and there is no way to express how happy and excited and proud I felt, and feel… I am going to run the turkey trot next month, and in the next month I will continue my 3 days a week running schedule, and will continue to improve my time… and by the end of November you will see a photo of me with a number pinned to my shirt and a mile-long smile….