In love with Burundi

I am halfway through my trip, and I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of these two countries… and quite busy with meetings and trips to the field to meet with producers… so I leave you with some glimpses from the last few days….

this is how green coffee looks if it has been processed by the farmer by hand – notice the lack of uniformity in the color – it is usually considered a lower grade…IMG_4035 delicious Burundian coffee from a wonderful cafe in downtown Bujumbura, Cafe Gourmand…IMG_4103 Burundi’s country sideIMG_4139 IMG_4140 the team out in the field visiting producers and farmsIMG_4144 a coffee farmIMG_4158Someone discovered the selfieIMG_4166 IMG_4176 almost time to harvest!IMG_4201Pest in the coffee leaf
IMG_4206 IMG_4218We visited a farmer
IMG_4225 coffee flower, it smells delicious… a light jasmin, or orange blossomIMG_4227 Bujumbura from the hills with Lake Tanganyika and the DRC on the other sideIMG_4273