Dreaming of the Future While Staying in the Present

IMG_0594This is the last week of my second year in the PhD program here at Michigan State University.  Many of my friends are leaving town, they defended their theses and dissertations (or will very soon) and are interviewing for jobs, making plans, and packing up and leaving.  It is an exciting time for them, but for those seeing this from the outside.. or at least for me seeing this from the outside… it leaves me with that same feeling of waving at the train while your friends leave, or seeing your family go up and up on the airplane while you go back to the car, drive home and realize that there is a pile of dishes that need to be done.

It also leaves me dreaming about where we will end up once school is over.

in 2 or 3 years?


It is a dangerous road to walk… dreaming of the future.  How many potentially wonderful moments could be thrown away right here right now while we think of something “better” far into the future?