The mileage ahead

Jason and I are heading to Mozambique for 7 weeks! This summer both of us got offers to go work in Africa, me in Liberia with the World Bank and Jason in Mozambique with his professor.  We decided that it was becoming too much for us to spend so many weeks/months away from each other every summer, so I turned down the Liberia offer and Jason spoke to his prof about the possibility of me traveling with him and helping out with the surveys that they are doing… and he accepted!

Looks pretty good to me :)



In other news, I received notification that I got the fellowship that I had applied to to do my PhD fieldwork… So it looks like I will be spending the first half of 2015 in Nicaragua interviewing coffee farmers, drinking some pretty amazing coffee and eating many plates of delicious gallo pinto! :D

A picture of Matagalpa, a town in the middle of the coffee region of the country