On time issues



Mozambique is becoming more and more an opportunity for growth and learning. Growing has never been easy, it means change, it means breaking from a mold… a mold that is nice and comfortable and fits around you nicely.


I like to think of myself as a spontaneous and easy going person, someone who is laid back and rolls with the punches. Never has this assumption of myself been more challenged than now.


I have found that I like to know what the plan is; this doesn’t mean that I like to have a timeline of every activity, but I like to know in broad brushes what is the next step.


I like to know how my time will be divided. If I know how my time is divided then I can plan accordingly, and make the necessary arrangements if they need to be made.


I am also extremely punctual, and tardiness drives me absolutely crazy. Unpunctuality is one of my pet peeves, I feel that it is a lack of respect for a person when you are late, you are making your time more important than theirs, and that is not respectful. I like to know that my time is not being wasted, or if it is wasted, I am the one that decides to waste it, not someone else.


All of these things are related. Needing to have control over time, my punctuality…time time time!


So, no, I am not laid back and I do not roll with the punches… but I wish I was more like that because being the way that I am means that I tend to get hurt more, that I get upset and frustrated and experience overall more negative emotions than if I was not this way…


So I think the reason that I am having such a hard time in Mozambique is that I feel like I have no control over my time.   I am just a piece in someone else’s chessboard, and they move me from one square to the next without asking, they make me wait, and then without warning they rush me to a different side of the board…


Or I can look at this as life trying to teach me to let go of my need to control… just let go.

Picture of a beautiful capolana