A world of contradictions

We sit in the nicest hotel of Maputo drinking coffee and see a small group of children jumping and running around the pristine swimming pool, and compare their reality to that of the child who no more than an hour ago tried to sell us a bag of peanuts for 30 cents.

We may pay 13USD for a small container of yogurt, and get offended when a street vendor doesn’t want to bring the price of a pirated DVD from 2USD to 1.5USD.

We pay 10USD to take a cab ride from our apartment to a coffee shop where we will pay another 30USD for some food and coffee, and we leave behind our maid, who works full time and makes 120USD a month (4USD a day) and supports a family 8 on that salary.

Where does all the AID money go to?

Workers live in lavishing apartments in downtown Maputo, their organizations dishing about 5000USD a month for rent, all their living expenses paid… Their mission clear, help the poor.

A Mozambican who teaches chemistry at a local high school, explained her frustration when her school does not have the resources to provide the materials for her to teach a chemistry lab, and children come too class hungry and without shoes. Where does all the AID money go to?

White supremacy is associated with Nazis and skinheads, yet you come to Maputo, and the color of your skin opens doors that are closed to many others. Who benefits from all the AID money?

A farmer took 40 minutes out of his work day to answer a survey funded by an aid organization, and at one point in palpable frustration he threw his arms up in the air and demanded to see the concrete results of all these surveys, complaining that he kept being interviewed over and over again, but had never seen the benefits from all the “good” work that was  being claimed. Who benefits from all the AID programs?

Aid workers travel to South Africa because food is cheaper there, what options do the maid, the guard, the taxi driver or the waiter have?

Ebola outbreak kills over 600 people in western Africa, but people demand a vaccine to cure the virus only when 2 aid workers are infected by the virus. What are the true incentives of AID?

The contradictions are too obvious, and becoming a part of the contradiction too easy.