the real “expats” of nicaragua

This is what my friends and I call the different facebook groups that expats have created in Nicaragua, because there is always something brewing in these groups… the people who think they know it all and consider themselves as “locals”, the people who post 20 times every day random pictures and commentaries on what is going on with the weather, the traffic, the cute dog that they saw…oh the drama!…  Most of the people who participate actively in the group are retired american men (and some women) that have moved to Nicaragua (also known as the new florida given that apparently it is the new retirement hot spot??!)…

Today, I engaged.  I had noticed that one member of one of the groups (middle aged white man) had made several comments on young nicaraguan women (the waitress in the bar is cute, reason number one for going to it; or, let’s find wife #7 – while posting a photo of a group of women from the atlantic coast. So today, in what I thought was a polite manner, I asked them to please refrain from making comments that demeaned women. AND I WAS KICKED OUT OF THE GROUP!  A few minutes later, I noticed about 4 or 5 comments that followed mine in which I was portrayed as some crazy woman… and then I got a message from someone that I do not know, all it said was: “bitch”.

There is something about this experience that has shaken me… A group of old white men attacked me because I call them out on being sexist.  What does that tell you?