Religion in Nicaragua

For the past 5 months or so, I have been wanting to write something about religion in Nicaragua.  The on-your-face displays of religion (christianity) have baffled me.  From the sermons that the cab drivers listen to every day, to the stickers that EVERY bus and taxi display, to the naming of stores and clinics, to the “gracias a Dios” and “Dios te bendiga” and “la sangre de Cristo” (thank God, God bless you, the blood of Christ) that are repeated constantly by everyone, to the GROVES of American missionary groups that flood rural communities, I knew that I had to say something… as time went on however,I realized that I don’t actually have much to say about this topic.  I am not going to analyze why religion plays such a huge role in this country, or try to understand the devotion that the people in the country show for christianity.  But I will leave you with some of the photos that I took during the second half of my stay in Nicaragua (the photos I took post hard-drive crash… yup)

food container: “who causes such happiness? – the conception of Mary”


Name of souvenir and craft store: “God is my provider”


Quote under the name of this fashion store: “Jehova is my shepherd, I will not lack anything”


sticker in car: “Big, only God”


you cannot see well, but this bus was COVERED in stickers citing the bible.


church in a remote village, usually the nicest building in a community is the church.


another church


“Jesuschrist has returned, sins and the devil no longer exist”


another church in the middle of nowhere.