The mileage ahead

Jason and I are heading to Mozambique for 7 weeks! This summer both of us got offers to go work in Africa, me in Liberia with the World Bank and Jason in Mozambique… Continue reading

A Glimpse of Lisbon

One thing that all port cities have in common, at least as far as I can see, is the colorful houses, the narrow streets, and the stairs going up and down the hills.… Continue reading

Dreaming of the Future While Staying in the Present

This is the last week of my second year in the PhD program here at Michigan State University.  Many of my friends are leaving town, they defended their theses and dissertations (or will… Continue reading

See you soon, Africa

It was amazing, I cannot wait to see you again.

The evolution of coffee

Coffee is such a common drink in the United States and in so many countries in the world, but how many people actually know how coffee transforms from crop to cup? I thought… Continue reading

Burundi and Rwanda – cont’d

the adventure continues… but only a few days remain until I travel back home… I miss my husband!! meeting with the president of the Kazoza N’kumbe Cooperative and the team of administrators and… Continue reading

In love with Burundi

I am halfway through my trip, and I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of these two countries… and quite busy with meetings and trips to the field to meet with producers… so… Continue reading

Bonjour! I am in Burundi now.

I arrived in Burundi yesterday.  It has been years since I have been on my own in a french speaking country, and my years of training in french and living in french speaking… Continue reading

hello from Rwanda

Hello from Rwanda.  After a 50+ hour travel (including missed connection at O’Hare) I made it to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.  My body has not adjusted to the time change and the… Continue reading

Off to the heartland of Africa

Hello from Amsterdam airport’s comfortable lounge chairs!  I am in transit on my way to Rwanda and Burundi, were I will spend 3 weeks visiting coffee producers and coffee sector agencies… and attending… Continue reading

Oppressed Majority

Or what if our roles were reversed?

Off to Argentina

On Christmas eve, while you are celebrating with your family, sitting around a table and toasting with those you love, Jason and I will be tens of thousands feet up in the skies… Continue reading

Dear World, thank you.

Dear Vietnam, thank you for pho. Dear Thailand, thank you for pad thai and tom yum gai. Dear France, thank you for cheese and croissants. Dear Mexico, thank you for tacos. Dear Ethiopia,… Continue reading

on my cat – Rafa

my cat is cute and feisty! and he makes me happy  – some instagram love:

a frozen moment in time

My life today, is frozen.  Your life today, is frozen. My life yesterday, was frozen.  And so was yours. and yet tomorrow, I will be older, my knees weaker, my parents may no… Continue reading

On my Couch to 5K experience

My husband is a runner… he started running about 5 years ago and got into really good shape… he tried to get me into running too, but I promise that I could not… Continue reading

on losing a friend

Have you ever lost a friend?  This morning, for some reason, I woke up thinking of past friendships.  About 6 years ago, I lost 2 good friends… 2 people that I had known… Continue reading

on being back

Nine weeks in Liberia came and went and before I had time to realize it I was back home.  I have only been back for a couple of days, but my time in… Continue reading


Liberia – walls

Beauty is not something that is reserved for nicely manicured walls, sometimes,  even in the most dark places beauty will find its own way to manifest itself.