la otra…

Lorena suggested that the photo below would be better in color… I think that I still like it better in b&w – but here it is so that you can compare… what do… Continue reading


fire and rain

A baseball field and an amazing sunset… this was done on “auto” setting but witout flash.

karate kid ballerina

Neda the dancer


If you click and maximize this photo you will notice the flakes of the wood that I like.


Reed and Hector on top of the Sandia Mountains….

colors and shapes

el patito feo


bubbles in the sky

I wish I had gotten the trunk of this tree… but I didn’t… I still like the dark contrast between the tree trunk and the sky… now here is my question to whoever… Continue reading


Here I was playing with the depth of field option… I like how the trees in the background create some sort of arch behind jason…

self portrait

papaito piernas largas

my dad – I dont even know what he was looking at but this was taken at the Santa Fe plaza while chatting with Jimmi and Jason

together – forever

Playing with the focus – at the botanical gardens of Albuquerque

I am looking at you

I have noticed that some photographers like to take photos of children from a higher perspective and to photograph adults looking out towards something that the viewer cannot see. I like this photo… Continue reading

me gusta cuando callas…

This makes me think of a typical bohemian night in Valparaiso, Chile. But in fact this is my cousin Jimmi and we are in a little restaurant in Santa Fe. I chose to… Continue reading

alone we stand

As you drive into Taos, NM, you see this lonely tree against the huge sky – I love it. It is so lonely and so majestic. Standing on its own. I love the… Continue reading