on traveling

  Someone asked me a few weeks ago what do I do when I am alone… in a more introverted state… And I mentioned a couple of things… you know: like read, go… Continue reading

Liberia – faces and cocoa

I go home in less than 2 weeks… Although Liberia has been an amazing experience, rich with new learnings and friendships, I am counting the days to see Jason, my cat, and work… Continue reading

one of those days

sometimes all you want to do is listen to sad songs and think of days past…

The Peace of the Wild Things

photo by this girl When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may… Continue reading

Liberia – a child

Liberia – Week 5

One of the interesting things about Liberia is that, as a foreigner, you can live your life as if you had never left your home… yes, the surroundings are different, but the supermarkets, the houses… Continue reading

Liberia – Week 4

A glimpse Once you are in a car all rules are thrown out of the window, honking and arguing with all those around you is the norm.  Multiple times my driver has driven… Continue reading

Liberia – self portraits

On sunday we went to a village about 1.5 hours outside of Monrovia, the purpose was to go see an island that apparently is filled with chimps… for a number of reasons (mostly… Continue reading

Liberia – where housing and politics meet

In most places of the world, getting locked out of your apartment and being threatened by your landlord (to “either leave the premises or things will get nasty”) would be rapidly resolved by… Continue reading

Liberia – sisters in the ocean

this past weekend at the beach 3 sisters were having fun playing with the waves – Liberia has beautiful beaches, and according to word of mouth, extremely strong and dangerous underwater currents, this… Continue reading

Liberia – Week 2

My second week in Liberia came to a close with the Liberia-Senegal World Cup qualifier game, sadly, Liberia lost 0-2 and will not be participating in the World Cup.  The game was so… Continue reading

Liberia – Dry Rice

This is called dry rice, and it is a typical lunch menu item if you stop at one of the many lunch stands on the side of the road, it costs 200 Liberian… Continue reading

Liberia – red road

How stunning is this? Red road leading to inland Liberia… [iphone]

Liberia – Week 1

ALthough this is my first time in sub-saharan African, I feel like I have been here before.  I am constantly reminded of my year in French Guiana with the climate, the fruit, the… Continue reading

Liberia – Children

Mandatory picture of beautiful, joyful and radiant children…  

Liberia – Day Three

Day 3! I am busier than I thought I was going to be, but just in case you are wondering, here is an interesting fact: 1- jiffy creamy peanut butter= $6 2- 1… Continue reading

Liberia – Day One

There were only 2 other planes in the airport, as my plane made its landing.  An Air France flight from Paris and a UN airplane, bulky and narrow, its purpose clear.  I could… Continue reading


Heads up, I am traveling for Liberia for 2 months in exactly t-2 days. I will try to regularly update my blog, since I tend to imagine that I will have more time… Continue reading

7 years

Today Jason and I celebrate 7 years of marriage… he truly is the love of my life… these two links below show exactly how much he always makes me laugh: Ode To my… Continue reading

beautiful music

Listen to this beautiful instrumental song, perfect for a fresh, breezy spring day – Echo by Helen Jane Long: