Although I have had instagram for a long time, I just started using it regularly… fun! also, can someone tell the weather Gods that it is spring already? Advertisements


Detroit is such a unique city, we have been there only twice, the first time we went to the Detroit Institute of Arts (click for post here) and later we went to see… Continue reading

self portrait

I have always loved the idea of self-portraits, I enjoy seeing other people’s work in this area, so today, I gave it my first shot…literally ;) early coffee at 5:45AM  

On the GDP

“Any measure that values a gun several hundred times more than a bottle of milk is bound to raise serious questions about its relevance for human progress” – Mahbub ul Haq photo: La Boca,… Continue reading

on downgrading

Last year (about 6 months ago) I broke my iphone before I was eligible for an upgrade… so.. I downgraded to non-smartphone (a dumb phone?) All I can say is… the world didn’t… Continue reading

International Development

I am getting a PhD in International Development, so my mind and time have been busy thinking, talking, reading and writing about this topic… So when I read this, not for any school… Continue reading

snow day

My class today was cancelled, so I made a snow lady ;)


Of course I love valentines.. what is there not to love about chocolates, flowers, gifts and your best friend? how cute is this video then? it is nominated for the Oscars on short… Continue reading


aaaaah… summer….sigh….


Have you guys seen this article going around facebook? I think that at least 15 of my contacts have posted it, it is insightful yet short…. so i like it ;)‎ A quote… Continue reading

seafood soup

One day before leaving Chile, I went to the “feria” (market) and bought delicious and fresh ingredients to make this soup… it was delicious.

on coffee

A big part of my work and research assistantship for the past 2 years has been on the development of the coffee sector of Burundi… From the article “Conflict and Coffee in Burundi”… Continue reading

Chile – flower

I have always been under the assumption that I would eventually come back and settle in Chile… That is still a possibility, but after having lived outside of Chile for so long and… Continue reading

Chile – rain

oh, you know…. just the view from the balcony at my parent’s home

Chile – flower and shoes


It is winter break, and I am in Chile, where it is summer, and life is good.  

engeneering for girls

I love this initiative and this toy…

cat and lady – Misa and Fukumaru

This photo-story is so adorable… photographer takes photos of her grandmother and her cat through the years: To see all the photos go here!


loved loved loved this movie   and next I want to see this movie next:

Pictured Rocks – Part III

Final set… Now time to bury myself in articles and books again.