Pictured Rocks – Part II

some of the rocks (and some of us) We went on 2 hikes, on friday we were not going to go hiking at all, since it was supposed to rain and the clouds… Continue reading

Pictured Rocks – part I

Jason and I extended our week-end into a long week-end and drove up to the Upper Peninsula to visit Pictured Rocks National Park.  It was amazing… the colors just past their peak, which… Continue reading

inner nerd

Sometimes the inner nerd just wants to come out – and good thing that the husband is readily available to document it.

is there ANYTHING yummier than fall?

I am still alive

and I made chocolate covered apples And I bought an antique chair at an estate sale and re-upholstered it:  


I like a lot. watch it.

PhD means…

NO TIME NO TIME NO TIME to update my blog!!!! but I will soon….

another interesting article

This article shows some of the horrible ads that were promoted in the past with clearly wrong information to mislead the consumer.  There are many present day ads that are also filled with… Continue reading

Fear of a Black President

Jason read and shared this article which I in turn read and share too: Fear of a Black President is quite a long article in “The Atlantic” that explores in depth what it… Continue reading


Ever since reading one of my favorite books of all times, the little prince, el principito, le petit prince (And yes, I have read the book in all three languages multiple times) I… Continue reading

We climbed a mountain

Jason and I climbed a mountain.  It was fun.  It was incredibly hard. and once at the top, we screamed at the top of our lungs and it was fantastic.   (Wheeler Peak,… Continue reading

There is something about New Mexico

There is something about New Mexico that no other place has.  It is not just the beautiful architecture, it is not just the amazing open skies, it is not just the amazing arts… Continue reading

New Mexican Wall

I am back in Michigan! The two weeks in New Mexico were wonderful, and I could not help but feeling so nostalgic and homesick for that place.  The food, the people, the architecture,… Continue reading

New Mexico I love you

the reunion

Some friendships are meant to last an eternity.  I am lucky that I have formed friendships that have survived time and distance.  When I moved to Israel in 2002 I did not know… Continue reading

Garden Update

I am excited about my garden, I have tried in the past to grow veggies but for some reason it never happened (maybe the sandy ground of suburban Albuquerque did nothing to help)… Continue reading

keeping it diverse

5 days – 5 different workouts. life is good. Friday – Tennis Saturday – Jogging Sunday – Kayaking Monday – Hiking Tuesday – Yoga

i grow my own food

and I like it!


summer summer summer

summer days

summer days are for sitting on the grass. summer days are for watching fireflies.  summer days are for farmer’s market.  summer days are for grilling out with friends.  summer days are for spur… Continue reading